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Revived by a group of whisky-loving investors at the turn of the millennium, the prolific Bruichladdich distillery continues to go from strength to strength, with a rather bewildering array of small-scale releases. One of their more accessible recent launches, this relatively inexpensive, crowd-pleasing blend of different vintages is sweet, fruity and creamy with a whisper of Islay iodine.

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A genuine classic that never disappoints, Highland Park is a crowd-pleasing whisky of real character and class from Orkney. On the nose it has heather, honeysuckle and barley sugar, while the palate is warming and rich, with an intense, lingering finish. Delicate, intricate and aromatic, Linkwood is a key ingredient in many a more famous blend, and only a relatively small part of the production gets sold in its own right.

I tend to think of it as a kind of Mosel riesling of malts, with a citrus and floral character that also makes it a perfect after-lunch dram. The Springbank distillery in Campbeltown is a doggedly traditional, family-run distillery it claims to be the oldest family-owned independent Scotch whisky producer and this new cask-strength addition to the range is a fine tribute to their methods.

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A viscous mix of dark toffee verging on molasses and orange zest, it's a thoroughly hedonistic digestif at a very good price. The latest release, from casks laid down in , is a lovely, graceful drink, with honeycomb, citrus and spice.

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One for those who like their whiskies to come with a blast of full-on peat smoke, Lagavulin is the quintessential Islay malt. The palate is dry and intense, with a distinctive saline twang and notes of dark toffee and wood-smoke — it's powerful, but by no means one-dimensional. A pioneering whisky from the boutique blender Compass Box that proved that grain whiskies, so often overshadowed by malts, can produce stunning whiskies in their own right. The current release is clean, pure and creamy-smooth with a delicate coconut finish.

Like English sparkling wine, Japanese whisky has come a long way in the past couple of decades, and the best examples are now afforded the same respect as their Scottish inspiration. This is an excellent introduction: from Hokkaido in the north of Japan, it is perfectly poised and mellow, mixing autumnal fruits, a touch of smoke and vanilla fudge. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. Pieces of Nine!

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September I much prefer Mrs Berts Bits. Deijavoo Frets: Will give anything a try, cheers mate. Deijavoo you wouldn't like Highland park then. It's smoky and expensive but I love it!

I usually like the expensive bit, that's my problem but Talisker, Laphr I love smoked food and I love the taste of cigarettes and cigars but my whisky needs no smoke to my mind. However, everyone's taste buds react differently Old Pultney tastes like sea water but delicious, it is very salty to me.

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I like stuff that's more like Glenmorangie, but I need a couple of pints first to numb my ladymouth. VimFuego Frets: I'm not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with me. Roland Frets: Old Pulteney, or Jura Origin or Superstition for me. I don't like Laphroaig or any of the heavily peated stuff, and I can't abide any blended Scotch.

Roland said:. Someone did tell me which the distillery is, but I've forgotten. ESBlonde Frets: How much does it weigh? AlbionLass Frets: October AlbionLass said:.

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Nitefly Frets: Nitefly said:. October edited October Blended is fine for cooking and mixing with other stuff but that's it.

I like lagavulin usually but my current squeeze is glenfarclas for a change. ESBlonde said:.

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Mccallan is the best whiskey in my world.